We are Australian.
We know Australians.

We contact, interview, recruit, and collect data from Australians every day and have done since 1971.

We know Australia and its people like no one else.

Find your audience

Ekas partners with businesses of all sizes – from ASX-listed organisations to independent researchers – sourcing respondents for research across all sectors and methodologies.

Whether you’re looking to contact key business decision makers or a niche group of consumers, we’ll find the people you need.

Consumer Research

We use the very latest data technology to help you stay connected to genuine consumers. From large-scale customer quant studies to highly specific sensory research briefs, lean on our expertise.

Healthcare Research

The Ekas team is in touch with more than 800 doctors across Australia every single day. We have one of Australia’s largest healthcare professionals panels, as well as a patient-specific panel.

B2B Research

Our highly professional team has access to thousands of industry-specific lists and has extensive experience sourcing, contacting and interviewing business managers within a vast range of organisations.

Select your services

Our flexible approach means you can leverage our expertise as much – or as little – as you need to. We’re happy to take care of just one aspect of your fieldwork or manage your entire research project for you.

Discover how our skills and services can enrich your business.

Design your unique project

Being a full-service field company, we have the resources and capability to run mix methodology projects in-house with ease and precision.

Mixed methods offer you the best of both worlds: the in-depth, contextualised, insights of qualitative research, coupled with the time-efficient predictive power of quantitative research.

We understand that different sample segments are best represented through different methodologies. Our team will help design your fieldwork to ensure the best outcome for you and your client.

Deliver quality insights, always

Business leaders are basing strategic decisions on your research.

By working with Ekas you can be confident your data is accurate, validated and reliable

  • Since quality standards were first introduced, Ekas has always been at the forefront of accreditation.
  • We’re currently one of only a handful of companies in Australia to be accredited with ISO 20252 to ensure quality data collection and to ensure quality sample
  • We’re assessed each year to ensure we meet the stringent requirements needed to maintain both of our accreditations.