Online surveys

Pioneers in online research

Ekas was one of the first Australian fieldwork agencies to embrace digital technology. We know how to deploy online strategies to deliver the respondents you need.

Flexible, end-to-end service

We source and invite respondents, manage your sample, implement your questionnaire and process your data so it’s ready to go.

One single point of contact...

… for everything. Your Ekas project manager oversees your entire project from our Sydney office, giving you on-the-spot access when you need it.

Unleash the potential, eliminate the risk

When executed intelligently, online surveys open up opportunities to connect with new cohorts and hard-to-reach respondents. But it’s vital to follow a rigorous approach when it comes to recruitment and user experience to gather the highest quality data.

Ekas adheres to stringent professional standards and holds both ISO 26362 and ISO 26362 – the international industry accreditations that benchmark quality research.

Why work
with us

We are fieldwork

It’s what we do, and what we have done since 1993. We specialise in finding the right respondents for your questionnaire.

We’re project managers

Want us to keep on top of all the moving parts of your project? No problem. Our online team understands the need for appropriate, well-thought-out questionnaire design, sampling strategies, invitations, and contact times. We can manage the entire process, seamlessly incorporating project design and reporting with our online sampling capabilities.

And we’re right here when you need us

When you run a project with Ekas, you’ll be given one dedicated project manager for the duration. All our scripting, project management and analysis is done in-house in our Sydney office.

This means the person who scripted your questionnaire can simultaneously prepare your data file, tables and graphs while the project is still in field, resulting in a quick turnaround and data you can trust.

Experience in every market

Customer and client lists

We offer a professional and independent ‘face’ to your customer research. If your lists have low or no email addresses, we can utilise our phone room and build it out for you.

Consumer and business

In addition to our own consumer panel, we have access to all the quality panel and sample list providers and can select the one that best suits your project.

Healthcare professionals

Our independent healthcare professionals panel is the largest in the country. If you already have a list of doctors by phone number you want to contact, we can match it against our list and email them directly.


We’ve spent years building a unique panel of people who are empowered to share their experiences of various medical conditions – from physical to psychological disorders.

& capabilities

User experience is everything when it comes to online research. Our software is fully functional on all mobile devices.

We also offer question formats that increase respondent engagement, such as image ‘drag and drop’ choices, card sorts and sliders, as well as complex survey design, including Choice-Based Conjoint, Max Diff and SIMALTO question sets.