Sample management

Sample management

It’s our mission to offer a human approach to market research recruitment and sample management. Simply tell us who you need and leave the rest to us.

Find the right people

No matter what methodology or target, Ekas can find the sample you need.

Maximise response rates

Our experienced team knows how and when to approach different segments to ensure high participation.

Fine-tune your project

We’ll always pilot your study and make improvements based on the feedback to carefully manage the roll-out.

People don’t see themselves as numbers

As researchers, we shouldn’t treat them that way either.

At Ekas, we appreciate the importance of tailoring our approach to meet the needs of every respondent. We understand different segments of the population need to be treated differently.

Over the years we’ve been able to refine the best contact method, the best way to approach and introduce ourselves, and which days and times yield the best response rates – depending on who we’re contacting and what we’re offering.

Create your sample from the best sources

Whether building a list from scratch or working with an existing panel, we’re committed to finding the most appropriate sample for your project.

External market research panels

As one of the first companies to conduct market research online, Ekas has built close partnerships with Australia and New Zealand’s longest-running and largest panels. We have detailed knowledge on each panel’s demographics, recruitment methods, strengths and weaknesses, and can carefully choose the best sample for your project.

Our in-house panels


Connect with highly responsive groups of consumers, carefully recruited to the Ekas panel over more than 20 years using online and offline methods.

Healthcare professionals

Access a trusted sample of 40,000 doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, paramedics, practice managers, hospital directors and many other hard-to-reach people.


Target hundreds of specific conditions and health behaviours using our custom-built panel of patients, carers and health-conscious individuals.

List building

We have decades of experience in list purchasing and hiring. We can access lists from any industry – from cattle farmers to IT managers.

Custom lists

We’ve built lists for thousands of clients and have extensive resources to find the contact details of the people you need, and can recruit respondents for any methodology or task.

Client lists

If you’re lucky enough to have a client list, let us manage it. We’ll recommend introduction scripts and email invitations to convey the most professional and independent image. Then we’ll optimise your project for the best outcomes.

Incomplete lists?

Got a list but no email addresses or mobile numbers? We’ve got the skills and resources to collect this for you or wash your lists against ours.

If the sample you’re looking for exists, we’ll find them

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