Sensory Testing

Sensory testing

Ekas has been conducting sensory research since 2001. We understand the need for consistency and accuracy when it comes to experiencing a product.

We can handle as much or as little of your sensory logistics as you require – whether you’re running shelf tests, taste tests, product tests, package tests, smell tests, or usage tests.


With more than 16 years’ experience recruiting, interviewing and managing sensory research projects, the Ekas team is highly qualified to manage your project.


When it comes to sensory testing, every detail matters. We’ll follow your requirements to the absolute letter – no matter how complex the brief.


Our bespoke software gives you the functionality and flexibility of online surveys in any environment, anywhere across Australia.

Food and consumer product sensory
evaluation services

Scripting and data supply

We offer full flexibility on scripting and data formats. You can script and supply a link, or we can to script your survey or sensory test for you. We’ll also supply your data files in a range of options to suit your needs.

Recruiting and

Ekas recruiters can find and schedule your respondents for any size testing. We have the capacity to coordinate thousands of respondents anywhere in Australia, ensuring they’re on spec and correctly compensated for their time.


Our interviewers are fully trained in a wide range of sensory methodologies and have experience across many industry sectors, including beverages and alcohol, fast food, packaged snacks and meals, household items, electronics, medical devices, business products and apps, smoking, pet supplies, personal care, video gaming and whitegoods.

iPad interviewing

Purpose-built software enables our team to interview nationwide on iPads both offline and online (4G). This offers all the functionality of online surveys – such as incorporating images and videos, and enabling complex routing, etc. – in any environment.

Quality control

Ekas has been ISO accredited since 2006, which means all our interviewers receive in-depth preliminary training and continual on-the-job training to maintain the highest quality and ethical standards.

We conduct survey validations for every interviewer working on each project and also carry out spot interviewer observations and evaluations.

Our expertise

Controlling the products 
  • Purchasing items from specific importers
  • Matching batch numbers
  • Controlled storage to follow exact climate regulation instructions
  • Smell control when preparing and cooking
  • Serving using specific glasses/ items and at a specific temperature
Controlling the environment 
  • Documenting observations for usage tests
  • Following precise placement and lighting instructions
  • Creating and managing quiet and confidential testing areas
  • Briefing respondents before each session on not engaging with each other
  • Ensuring no phones or photos are taken in the testing area
Sensory testing
room hire
and venue

Looking for the perfect place to conduct your test? We can manage the entire process to find an environment to match your requirements using our rooms here at Ekas or by sourcing other venues.