Research design, moderation and reporting

Research design, moderation and reporting

Throughout our history, we’ve overseen countless market research projects from start to finish. We can get involved as much or as little as you need us to – from total project management to taking care of individual components.

Scoping & design

Utilise our expertise to determine your project requirements, script and design your questionnaires, and guide you through the market research process.

Sourcing & recruitment

We specialise in finding the right people. That means both sourcing research participants as well as enlisting experts to help run your project.

Project management & data delivery

Pass us the jobs you don’t have the time or resources to do. From co-ordinating service providers to delivering your final report – no task is too tedious.

Work with one team, leverage our network of thousands.

Every research journey involves many different ideas, respondents, methodologies and agencies. All these moving parts need to come together in the right way to ensure your project is delivered on time, on budget, and provides real business value.

That’s where Ekas comes in.

We’ve worked with thousands of companies, moderators, consultants and researchers and can recommend the perfect suppliers for each part of your project. We’ll consult with you to scope out your requirements, then seamlessly partner with research consultants so you have just one team to work with – right from the design stage right through to the presentation of your insights.

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Questionnaire design

The secret to great questionnaire design is balancing specific research requirements with an engaging user experience. Our research partners have considerable experience in this area. They specialise in creating questions that are clear, unambiguous and straightforward for respondents to complete and for interviewers to administer. This skill is crucial to ensure high-quality, error-free and coherent data collection.

Qualitative discussion guides

Qualitative sessions such as focus groups need a discussion guide, which forms the framework for the moderator to follow. Designing your discussion guide is just as important as designing a survey. Our research partners take the time to really plan out the sessions to ensure you unearth the true insights on key areas of your project.


A moderator works closely with you at every step of the research process and will be on hand to help run your project as well as advise on all aspects of it. Ekas works with a wide variety of moderators and project consultants on a daily basis, so we’re well-placed to find the perfect one to suit your needs. We’ll match your requirements with an experienced and qualified moderator who has market knowledge specific to your industry.


Reporting isn’t just about presenting the results, is about gathering a meaningful story and defining the actionable outcomes from your research. Whether you’re conducting a qualitative or quantitative study, our research partners have years of experience in unearthing the meaning behind the data. This means we can provide a written report as well as present the findings and insights to your team and stakeholders.