Data processing

Data processing

Your time’s valuable. Don’t spend it wading through cross-tabs and boring print-outs.

Our data processing service takes care of all your analysis requirements. We can manage AND fully verify your data, giving you the headspace to dig deep into the story behind the numbers.

End-to-end service

Your fieldwork needs covered: from scripting to fully verified data file

Fast, cost-efficient delivery

Rapid turnaround without compromising on data quality

Highest level of security

We continually stress-test our systems to ensure your data is protected

One trusted team.
Right here in Sydney.

Ekas has more than 30 years of data analysis experience. From the simplest cross-tab to in-depth, specialised and complex table analysis, our expert in-house team works with you to ensure you get the best-quality data while still meeting your budget.

Need a response fast? Our entire Project Management team is based in our Sydney office, so all your scripting and data processing needs are handled here. Nothing is outsourced or sent offshore. You’ll never have to wait for another timezone to wake up before you get an answer to a question.

Data supply

We seek to provide data that meets all your requirements, including:

  • Raw data – accurate, verified and labelled to your specifications: SPSS (Q compatible), Excel or ASCII.
  • Frequency tables with descriptive statistics available in Word, Excel, or PDF formats.
  • Coding and data entry.
  • Graphing in Word, Excel, Powerpoint or PDF with Q software

Why work
with us

Flexible approach

As well as providing an end-to-end service, Ekas regularly provides standalone coding and data entry to clients who have managed the survey process independently.

We’re capable of taking on projects of all sizes, with a wealth of experience in high-volume and tracking projects.

Coders who talk your language

All our coders have acquired an extensive understanding of industry-specific terminology during their many years of experience. The result is a logical, intelligent and thorough approach to coding that ensures your data is robust and reliable.

Data security and protection

We adhere to strict industry standards when it comes to safeguarding your information. All contact lists you provide and the data we collect is stored on secure servers, backed up hourly and accessed through restricted, multi-factual logins. We can also encrypt all documents for transfer to and from your organisation to protect your information.

Ekas is externally audited each year to independently test our security and backup systems.

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