Fieldwork Management

Quality recruitment

With deep expertise in sourcing and engaging hard-to-reach respondents across Australia, we’ll find the people you’re looking for.

360-degree collaboration

We’ll consult with you to work out which services you require and take care of sample sizes, quotas and response rates.

The finer details, covered

From booking venues to getting the right hardware for the job, we can also manage the logistics so you can focus on the insights.

Why work with Ekas?

Making projects happen is our speciality. We’ve been managing fieldwork for organisations across a vast range of industries for more than 30 years. Our team is highly skilled in delivering on the details that often get overlooked.

Our field services

Hardware and software usage

An optimal respondent experience is key to a successful project.

  • Hardware. We ensure your target groups have seamless access to your questionnaire – using iPads, laptops, PCs, mobiles and other devices. Our devices also support externally-scripted surveys, which can be accessed using a link or an app.
  • Software. We set up and script your questionnaire into the appropriate format, displaying it in the most user-friendly way. We can also supply data in variety of formats: SPSS, Excel, charts… just tell us what you want.
Sourcing, purchasing, storing, sending and serving products

When it comes to product sensory or package testing, we understand the importance of following the brief to the absolute letter. We’re experienced in purchasing products from select importers and matching batch codes, as well as storing products in particular climates for precision testing.

  • In Home Use Testing (IHUT) studies. We can package and co-ordinate the products to be delivered to testers anywhere in Australia.
  • In-person sensory tests. We follow strict guidelines regarding timings, product temperature, palate cleansers, rotations, etc.
  • Package tests. Utilise our in-house supermarket shelving for shelf tests. We can also partner with eye-tracking experts as required.
Finding and booking research venues

Want the best environment for your face-to-face research? Make use of our specially-designed rooms here at Ekas, or ask us to source other locations for you. Whether you’re running large tests, small focus groups, IDIs, car clinics, in-store intercepts or any other project, we’ll find a venue to meet your needs.

Incentives, rewards and redemptions

Setting up and running a rewards and redemptions process can be time consuming. We’ll consult with you on suitable incentivisation strategies, depending on the respondent type and methodology. Once we’ve designed the structure, leave it to us to reward the respondents.