Consumer Research Panel

Consumer Research Panel

Connect with 100% verified Australians daily. The Ekas consumer research panel is one of the longest established and most trusted in the country.

We build relationships, not numbers on lists.


The Ekas consumer panel has been recruited over two decades using both online and offline methods.


Our strict validation and quality control processes ensure only genuine respondents make it into our sample.


We conduct only research within our consumer panel and do not expose respondents to any form of marketing.

Quality market research sample supply

Not all market research panel providers are the same. We’ve been growing our consumer research database for more than 20 years and have built a robust panel of authentic, engaged Australians.

Ekas is one of only three market research companies in Australia to hold ISO 20252 accreditations - the benchmarks of quality research.

We use powerful profiling technology to add extra layers of validation that ensure the people on our consumer panel are exactly who they say they are.

About our panel

sample bias

More than 50% of our active database has been recruited offline to reduce bias toward internet users. And, unlike many of the big panels in Australia, no marketing of any kind is conducted within our panel, which allows us to eliminate any potential influence on your sample.


Being a member of the Ekas consumer panel isn’t about being a number on a list. We’re a full-service fieldwork company, so we’ve exposed members to all research methodologies, including attending taste tests, group discussions, one-on-one interviews, telephone surveys, and online bulletin boards, as well as online surveys.

As a result, we’ve met and spoken to the majority of our members and have built a two-way relationship of reliability and honesty.

quality control
  • Our panel has been accredited with the ISO 20252 accreditations and we are continually assessed against these
  • Every member’s identity is verified before completing a survey
  • Every respondent’s answers are verified against their profile data
  • Speedsters and flat-liners are removed and blacklisted
  • Duplicate accounts are found and removed yearly
  • Only research is conducted on the panel: no marketing
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