Ekas Market Research
Services Australia

Servicing the Market Research Industry since 1971, Ekas is Australia’s largest and most experienced fully independent fieldwork and data analysis agency.

About Ekas

Over the past 47 years, we’ve continually evolved our suite of services as technology allows us to gather and process data in smarter, faster and more efficient ways.

But one thing hasn’t changed: we remain an 100% Australian-owned company, and we’re proud of our expertise in connecting researchers and businesses with Australians every day.

With our office in Sydney, we are in the heart of Australian Market Research. Our building is known to many Sydney-siders who come visit our onsite purpose built research rooms and sensory testing facilities. All telephone recruiting and interviewing is also done onsite in our phone room to ensure quality and data security.

Who we are

Ekas has been family owned since 1988 with Ian Thomas having ownership until 2020. In 2012 the management of the company was passed on to the next generation and is run by siblings Andrea Benny, Matthew Thomas and Jaxon Thomas and as of 2020 fully owned by Jaxon and Matthew.

We have a dedicated team of 25 fieldwork researchers working out of our office comprising of Account Mangers, Project Managers and Project Coordinators, and a further 100+ casuals working across Australia and in our office interviewing and recruiting for us.

Pioneers in quality

Ekas has always been at the forefront of national and international industry standards. We were one of the first fieldwork companies in Australia to be accredited with ISO 20252 – benchmarks we work hard to maintain every year.


You want robust, reliable data and analysis delivered in the most efficient, cost-effective way. We make this happen by partnering with you throughout your research journey and taking ownership of your goals.


As an independent agency, Ekas has worked on thousands of diverse projects over the years. But we recognise each one is unique. That’s why our expert team offers an intelligent, tailored approach to every client it works with.

What we do

We provide a full spectrum of market and social research services and conduct research in almost any industry across a broad range of methodologies.

While our core business is data collection, we can also partner with a range of market researchers to offer a full service package – from research design to report writing.

Our in-house services
  • Survey scripting and hosting
  • Respondent recruitment
  • Sample supply; healthcare, patient and consumer
  • Telephone Interviewing
  • Exit and Intercept interviewing
  • Data Processing; tables, coding, data entry
  • Mystery shopping & Observations
  • Fieldwork management; logistics, equipment, hardware and software supply, respondent rewards and payments
  • Consumer insights platform
  • Room and Venue Hire
Our partnered services
  • Research design
  • Questionnaire design
  • Moderation
  • Charting & Reporting
  • Presentation of findings
  • Transcribing
  • Eye tracking
  • Crowd counting
  • Industry specific sample supply

Across all segments

Ekas partners with businesses of all sizes – from large-scale ASX-listed organisations to independent researchers – to source respondents for research across all sectors and methodologies.

Whether you’re looking to contact key business decision makers or a niche group of consumers, we’ll find the people you need.

Consumer Research

We use the very latest data technology to help you stay connected to genuine consumers. From large-scale customer quant studies to highly-specific sensory research briefs, lean on our expertise.

Healthcare Research

We’re in touch with more than 800 doctors across Australia every single day and have one of Australia’s largest healthcare professionals panels, as well as a patient-specific panel.

B2B Research

Our highly professional team has access to thousands of industry-specific lists and has extensive experience sourcing, contacting and interviewing business managers within a vast range of organisations.