Patient research panel

Patient research panel

Ekas has sensitively and carefully nurtured a large, active panel of patients, carers and health-conscious participants over many years. This offers an in-depth perspective on a range of healthcare issues – including more than 100 pre-profiled conditions.

Highest-quality panel

Ekas is one of only three companies in Australia accredited with the ISO 20252 standards, ensuring our ongoing commitment to data quality.

Empowered, engaged respondents

Our panel connects you to carefully profiled respondents who want to positively contribute to research by sharing their experiences.

Smarter recruitment, faster fieldwork

By recruiting directly from our pre-targeted groups, we’ll find the people you need quickly and deliver greater efficiencies across your whole project.

The complete healthcare research package

The Ekas patient panel has been specifically built to complement our very successful healthcare professional panel. Our database includes:

  • Patients living with a variety of specific medical conditions
  • Carers
  • Consumers of health and medical products and services (such as those taking supplements or over-the-counter medications)

Our patient panel makeup

Patient-only database

Unlike other panels, our patients are not a subset of a larger consumer panel. We’ve built a platform specifically tailored to their needs and interests.

No overstimulated respondents

We contact patients only for research related specifically to their condition, allowing us to reach and retain members with serious conditions. You’ll find no 'groupies' here.

Fully verified sample

All members are verified and recruited with help from medical professionals on our healthcare panel, as well as a variety of support groups. With extensive profiling questions we can pre-target the rarest of conditions and the treatments used.

We've made it standard practice to receive up-to-date photos of prescription medication showing a respondent’s name before booking them in for research to ensure you're talking to the right people.

Engage hard-to-reach patient groups

Being a full-service field company, we have a 30-station phone room with experienced recruiters and interviewers at hand to fill tricky sample groups for any research methodology. The Ekas patient panel is exposed to all sorts of methodologies – not just online studies – facilitating deeper respondent connections and richer insights.

our panel book

Complete the form below to receive our panel book and view the many conditions we have profiled.

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