CATI telephone interviewing

human-to-human research

Our team of interviewers are trained to engage with respondents across all sectors and elicit vital information from them.


We take the time to find and make contact with hard-to-reach individuals, including key business decision makers.

meets quality

Ekas’ high-tech Sydney call centre has the capacity to conduct large-scale CATI projects quickly and to the highest standards.

What is CATI?

CATI – or computer-assisted telephone interviewing – facilitates direct contact with respondents who can be hard to find via online panels and surveys, enabling interviewers to collect richer information.

Ideal surveys for the CATI format include targeted projects with business professionals, customer lists, postcode or council-specific regions.

the Ekas approach

While finding the right respondents for your survey can be time-consuming, our team is experienced in contacting people and building a rapport with them to encourage participation. You can rest assured the person on the end of the line is the right respondent for your research.

Ekas undertakes CATI research using your own customer lists or samples taken from contact list providers. From small to large N-sizes, ad-hoc or ongoing tracking studies, we have the expertise to tailor a solution to your requirements.

Talk to us about:

Large-scale projects

The CATI call centre in our Sydney office has more than 30 workstations with automated dialling. We can complete high-volume projects quickly without compromising quality.

Financial sector studies

Ekas has conducted countless finance and banking studies - both ad-hoc and long-term tracking projects. We offer secure data transfer and adhere to all privacy and ISO standards for customer lists.

Region/postcode-specific targeting

We can target specific geographical samples based on postcode or local government area to ensure your sample is relevant to the localised issues you’re researching.

Customer satisfaction surveys

Looking for a professional and independent face to your research? Ask us to work with your customer lists to contact specific respondents. Our interviewers are trained to put people at ease during the interview process, gathering the information you need in a neutral environment.

Multi-mode studies

We are experienced in switching seamlessly between phone and email recruitment, and between online and CATI interviewing modes.