Qualitative recruitment

Find hard-to-reach

Ekas connects you the people you need – no matter how specific your sample

Recruit at scale

We source respondents for all project sizes – from small focus groups to nationwide studies

Any industry or

Our team has experience across a vast range of segments and all qual methodologies

Let us find the perfect people
for your project

It’s our thing, and it’s what we’ve been doing for more than 30 years. Whether you’re conducting depth and telephone depth interviews, focus groups, online groups, online forums, diaries, or shop-alongs – we have the capabilities to recruit your target respondents.

Our capabilities

Sample recruitment

We can recruit via your own lists, our various panels, purchased lists, street intercepts, social media and advertising.

Moderation and facilitation

We’ll organise local moderators if you can’t attend your session in person. We can also take care of venue hire, products for testing, homework/diaries and incentives.

Project management

Throughout the fieldwork process, we can handle individual components of your project or run the whole process for you. Just tell us what you need and we’ll tailor our services to suit you.

Across all industries

Our recruitment department has had exposure in almost every possible segment across Australia and New Zealand, with extensive experience in the following markets

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Patients
  • Business leaders
  • Telecommunications industry
  • White/ blue-collar workers
  • Agricultural and farming industry
  • Mothers and teens
  • Automotive industry

Ekas has the resources and skills to recruit whoever you’re looking for, regardless of how hard they are to find.

For any methodology

We organise and recruit for:

  • Sensory tests
  • Eye tracking
  • FMCG-based research
  • IDIs, TDIs, diads, focus groups
  • Shop-alongs
  • Online bulletin boards
  • Online discussion groups
  • IHUTs
  • Community / panel building

We recruit on both a small and large scale, often sourcing respondents nationwide to take part in studies for domestic and international clients.

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