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Is a national Minor Ailment Scheme the next major step in evolving community healthcare?

The ways patients interact with GPs has changed dramatically in 2020. The COVID pandemic has made new consultation options such…

  • You might have heard it mentioned amongst your friends, on your socials, or cited in the media, but what do you know about eco-anxiety, and would you even know if you had experienced it?   Eco-anxiety can be defined as anxiety about the ecological state of the natural environment, as a result of disasters and […]

  • A retired doctor sits down with Jess Farrow, Ekas’ Panel Manager to share his story, and some parting advice for starting, living through, and retiring from a rewarding medical career. The healthcare industry is full of challenges; from study and research, to keeping up to date with advancements, to maintaining the personable in the professional; […]

  • Close to half of all surveyed GPs and specialists consider the current Continued Professional Development (CPD) requirements to be more than is necessary to maintain proficiency, arguing it deprives them of time to treat patients and curtails their earning capacity. The pain point for medical practitioners centres around the Medical Board of Australia’s quota – […]

  • The rapid global spread of the coronavirus in the past month has quickly changed Australians’ impression of the threat of the illness, the state of the economy, and their general behavioural patterns. Australians are fast modifying their daily activities and decisions to socially distance, whether personally or government enforced, are here to stay. Correspondingly, in […]