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Are Midwifery Group Practices the future of public maternity care in Australia?

Australia is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to offering access to midwife-led maternity services…

  • Diabetes has been cited as “the biggest challenge confronting Australia’s health system” as the number of those diagnosed with the disease continues to rise. But behind the stark headlines lies a desire among many patients to make conscious positive lifestyle changes and take control of their future health outcomes. So what potential impact could these […]

  • University of Birmingham in conjunction with M3 conducted a research study to investigate how 20,996 healthcare professionals in 29 countries might use SARS-CoV-2 antigen and antibody tests in COVID-19 cases. Ekas proudly contributed the Australian data for this research by reaching out to our healthcare panel. These results will without doubt have a significant impact […]

  • You might have heard it mentioned amongst your friends, on your socials, or cited in the media, but what do you know about eco-anxiety, and would you even know if you had experienced it?   Eco-anxiety can be defined as anxiety about the ecological state of the natural environment, as a result of disasters and […]

  • A retired doctor sits down with Jess Farrow, Ekas’ Panel Manager to share his story, and some parting advice for starting, living through, and retiring from a rewarding medical career. The healthcare industry is full of challenges; from study and research, to keeping up to date with advancements, to maintaining the personable in the professional; […]