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Is a national Minor Ailment Scheme the next major step in evolving community healthcare?

The ways patients interact with GPs has changed dramatically in 2020. The COVID pandemic has made new consultation options such…

  • The recent Australian Federal Election was a watershed moment for pollsters. In this exclusive EKAS research report, we reveal that the wholesale inability to accurately gauge the sentiment of voters across the country appears to have led to a loss in confidence amongst the public. Introduction With the majority of polling companies calling the Australian […]

  • The fallout for pollsters in the wake of last month’s federal election has been nothing short of seismic. In a sign that tolerance for getting predictions wrong is likely to spell bad news in future, Nine’s newspapers, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, last month severed ties with long time polling partners Ipsos. And […]

  • Welcome to EKAS’s inaugural newsletter. From this issue forward, we will bring you the latest news from our company and keep you up to date with the most interesting trends in research, marketing and surveying. Each month we’ll feature bespoke polls, covering a wide range of industries, providing you with insights you won’t get anywhere […]

  • With the advent of automated checkouts, companies have begun to shift their purchasing habits into the virtual space; reducing overheads, facilitating comparison shopping, and allowing consumer goods companies to collect vital information on purchasing habits and demographics, all at the click of a button. Both companies and consumers have begun the shift into eCommerce, but […]