Summer’s bushfires have devastated homes, communities and wildlife. The scale of these fires is unprecedented and it is having an enormous impact on our nation. 

Yet amid the heartbreak are heartwarming stories of people coming together to offer their support and generosity. 

From fundraising and donations to wildlife rescue and emergency accommodation, everyday Australians are doing what they can to help one another. The crisis is becoming a celebration of mateship and strength, bringing out the best of our Aussie spirit. 

Australian comedian Celeste Barber, is a high profile example, starting a Facebook fundraiser for the NSW Rural Fire Services that snowballed, eventually raising a whopping $51,299,348 within two weeks. It was the largest fundraiser in the history of the platform. 

Australian mining magnate, Andrew Forrest and his wife Nicola donated a staggering $70 million, the Paul Ramsay Foundation has pledged $30 million and James Packer has donated $5 million. 

The National Australia Bank has donated $5 million, BHP $2 million and Westpac $1.5 million. Coles donated $3 million worth of gift cards plus $1 million in cash while Woolworths donated $1 million worth of goods and $500,000 in cash. 

In total, individuals and businesses from Australia and around the world have raised more than $140 million for bushfire victims and Rural Fire Services. EKAS’s latest survey also revealed 54% of everyday Australians had donated at least $50, and just over one quarter (26.3%) had donated between $50 and $100. 

It’s also estimated that tens of millions of animals have been killed in the bushfires and animal rescue organisations have received countless donations, with many individuals volunteering to help. 

The Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service (WIRES) have raised over $11 million, while there have been stories of people knitting blankets for kangaroos and rescuing dehydrated koalas.  

You can read more about touching stories and acts of kindness here.

Ekas Research
Ekas Research