EKAS is excited to welcome Jess Farrow onboard in a role working with our partners to bring innovation and expertise to research projects.

“I am thrilled to be managing the panels and working in the world of innovative digital research and online community development,” Farrow says. 

Prior to commencing at EKAS, Jess worked in education before moving into a training and development role with EY Sweeney’s field department. There, she worked across transport studies to inform strategy for user experience and customer journey. 

Afterwards, she moved to Melbourne and worked on research projects for five of the eight state and territory tourism bodies, providing insights into the impact of events on the economy and advice on strategy for growth and standards. 

Jess recently returned home to Sydney, bringing with her a keen interest in research, understanding respondent drivers, and a passion for user experience. 

“Market research breaks the mould of general research – it informs every action and interaction we make, understanding the scope to which it applies, either the same or different, to those around us. It is what both unifies and sets us apart.

“I’m passionate about research because it is so innovative, and is just as much about the respondent as it is about the product, topic or service. It takes a topic and forces us to look at the people around us; real doctors, specialists, nurses, patients, families, businesses, men, women and children.

“We gain insight from these providers of opinion to inform the future of an industry, product or policy. If that isn’t exciting I don’t know what is,” Farrow says.

In the world of research for 2020 and beyond, Jess said she’d like to see communities of opinion leaders become the go-to for people to share thoughts and ideas on a range of fields.

“It would create new opportunities for researchers and clients to access and analyse unprompted consumer priorities and opinion.”

For research panel enquiries, you can contact Jess at jessica@ekas.com.au

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