A machine that surveys people, collects data and dispenses chocolate? What more could you want at a market research conference?

EKAS’s patented Smart Vending Machines had their debut at August’s AMSRS conference and wowed the crowd with their utility and ease of use.

Employing touch screen technology to collect valuable data, the machines help clients understand what buyers really think and feel at the time of purchase. They allow users to connect with customers and build their own panel by exposing brands to new audiences in public spaces.

Providing the opportunity for brands to get a sense of what customers are not just thinking, but feeling, the machines’ effectiveness stems from five key principles. 

Entice: Each machine can feature custom hardware branding and on-screen advertising to attract customers with a product or offer. 

Recruit: The machine prompts users to enter their contact details. This adds the user to a customer database and generates a unique single-use code offering access to a live questionnaire. 

Engage: Businesses can conduct customer satisfaction surveys, product tests, ad testing or any form of Q&A research. Surveys can be edited and monitored in real-time. 

Learn: A built-in camera captures customer expressions using facial recognition technology. This enriches self-reported survey data with valuable unconscious sentiment data. 

Reward: Machines are equipped with coin slots and credit card payments for discounted products. They they can also dispense  free items, tokens or printed discount vouchers.

“Our machines are available Australia-wide on short or long-term rental or to buy outright,” EKAS principal and co-creator Matt Thomas said.

“They can play any type of video or still ad and can be wrapped in the branding of your choice. Refrigeration options are also available.

“They’re highly adaptable and are perfect for anywhere there’s passing footfall, including supermarkets, shopping centres, airports, train stations, trade shows, exhibitions, festivals, workplaces, pubs, clubs and restaurants. They are genuinely a game-changer for the industry,” Thomas added.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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